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Rediscovering Childhood Bonds: A Journey from Kolkata to Bangkok

In the winter of 2017, destiny orchestrated a symphony that would resonate across continents and decades. The ‘Reunion of 3 Idiots’ was not just a convergence of old friends; it was a tale of rediscovery that defied time and geography.

The Prologue of Long-Lost Bonds:

Jan 26th, 2017 – a date etched in memory, revived through the digital corridors of Facebook. Three childhood buddies, separated by the winds of fate for 35 years, found themselves in a virtual reunion that transcended pixels and screens.

As the clock struck reunion hour, emotions surged, and hearts pounded as we came face to face, virtually. The virtual hug, though limited by the digital realm, carried the weight of decades of separation. The reunion, made possible by the wonders of technology, was a curtain-raiser to the grand saga that awaited.

Act 1: The Serendipitous Reunion in Kolkata:

Fast forward to the grand day – Jan 26th, 2017. The long-lost trio, now grizzled by the sands of time, stood on the precipice of rediscovery. The venue was set, the air pregnant with anticipation. The first gaze, the first words exchanged – it was as if the clock had rewound, and we were transported to our school days.

Emotions ran high, and the 12 hours spent together felt like stolen moments from a bygone era. The reunion wasn’t just a meeting; it was a revival of the child within us. The laughter echoed through the years, reminiscent of the carefree days when responsibilities were a foreign concept.


Act 2: The Journey Continues:

Life, however, had more surprises in store. The joy of reunion planted a seed that would soon blossom into an annual tradition. Our lives, now scattered across different countries, would find an anchor in the annual reunion. The years that followed saw a pilgrimage of friends, each year marking a new chapter in our rekindled friendship.

In the grand tale, Bangkok emerged as a recurring setting – a city that witnessed not just the passage of time but the unraveling of a friendship buried deep in the recesses of memory.

Act 3: The Unveiling in Bangkok – A Face-to-Face Miracle:

In a twist of fate, our friends, the protagonists of our tale, embarked on a journey to Bangkok in 2024. Little did they know that their travel dates would align with the historic reunion – Jan 26th to Feb 2nd. The cosmic symphony played its chords, and the dates mirrored the fateful reunion of 2017.

The serendipity was too potent to ignore, a cosmic nod affirming the enduring strength of our connection. It wasn’t just a coincidence; it was a cosmic alignment that underscored the significance of our friendship.

Epilogue: A Tale Unfolding:

As we reflect on this extraordinary journey, it’s not just a story of reunion but a testament to the resilience of friendship. In the tapestry of life, friendships like these are the vibrant threads that add color to the mundane.

From ‘Mele mein bichre’ to the heart of Bangkok, the story unfolds with humor, laughter, and a touch of nostalgia. The narrative is punctuated with life incidents, each more humorous than the last, creating a ripple effect of laughter that transcends time.

The 35-year saga encapsulates the essence of true friendship, enduring the trials of life and geography. From heartfelt reunions to the sheer joy of reliving childhood, every moment has been a treasure. In the mosaic of life, these friendships stand as vibrant colors, creating a masterpiece that continues to unfold with each passing year.

The story of the 3 Idiots is not just a reunion; it’s a celebration of timeless bonds, rediscovering the magic of friendship against all odds. As we navigate the chapters yet to be written, one thing remains certain – the saga of friendship will continue to unfold, adding new dimensions to an already enchanting tale.


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