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Ande Aditya offers a range of consulting services including Board Advisory, Thailand Business, Business Development, Sales & Marketing, International Business, Startup Mentor, Business Aesthetics, and Business Health Checks. These services are tailored to help your business succeed in various aspects of its operations.

Our free 30-minute consultation gives you the opportunity to discuss your business goals and challenges with Ande Aditya. It's a chance for you to get acquainted with his expertise and explore how his insights can benefit your business. Its best to have your questions pre-planned.

In-person consultations are available exclusively for clients based in Thailand. However, Ande Aditya is well-equipped to conduct online consultations for clients located outside Thailand via phone calls or video conferences.

Scheduling a consultation is easy. Fill out the inquiry form on our website with your contact details, preferred consultation method, and a brief overview of your business. Ande's team will get in touch with you to confirm the consultation details.

Yes, we take your privacy seriously. Your information will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and will not be shared with third parties. You can learn more about our data handling practices in our Privacy Policy.

Ande Aditya's expertise spans multiple areas of business. Whether you're seeking strategic insights, sales and marketing solutions, international expansion guidance, or startup mentorship, his tailored services are designed to enhance your business's performance and growth.

Ande Aditya has worked with a diverse range of industries, allowing him to offer adaptable strategies that cater to various business sectors. His experience covers both traditional and emerging industries.

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Yes, we are proud to have contributed to the success of numerous clients. You can read some of our client testimonials on our website to learn about their experiences working with Ande Aditya.

Getting started is simple. Fill out the inquiry form on our website, and our team will reach out to you to discuss your needs and schedule your free consultation with Ande Aditya. We're excited to help you take your business to new heights!

Feel free to customize these questions and answers to align with Ande Aditya's specific offerings and communication style.

Board Advisory involves expert guidance to your board of directors, offering strategic insights, governance advice, and industry expertise. This service helps your board make informed decisions that drive your business's success and growth. Learn More

Ande specializes in helping businesses navigate the unique challenges and opportunities of operating in Thailand. This includes regulatory compliance, cultural understanding, market entry strategies, and more. Learn More

Business Development focuses on identifying growth opportunities, expanding market reach, and fostering strategic partnerships. Ande Aditya's expertise can help you create and implement effective business development strategies. Learn More

Ande Aditya can help refine your sales and marketing strategies to target the right audience, improve customer engagement, and ultimately increase revenue. His guidance covers areas such as branding, digital marketing, and sales optimization. He can also supervise and manage your existing team to achieve desired results. Learn More

Absolutely. Ande Aditya assists businesses in navigating the complexities of international expansion. Whether it's market research, entry and international growth strategies, or cross-cultural challenges, his insights can help you succeed in new markets. Learn More

Ande Aditya's Startup Mentorship provides aspiring entrepreneurs with personalized guidance on building a strong foundation for their startups. He offers advice on business planning, scalability, product development, investor relations, and more, making it ideal for new ventures to find the right foothold. Learn More

Business Aesthetics enhances your brand's image through visual elements, sounds, textures, and scents, leaving lasting impressions. It involves enhancing your brand's visual appeal and customer experience. Ande Aditya can help you create a cohesive and appealing brand image that resonates with your target audience.He takes a holistic approach by combining Business Philosophy, Natural Senses Aesthetics, and Buddhism in Business. Learn More

Business Health Checks involve a thorough assessment of your business's performance, identifying strengths and areas for improvement. Ande can analyze financials, operations, and actionable strategies to identify areas for improvement and growth potential.  Learn More

Ande Aditya understands that businesses often require a multifaceted approach. You can discuss your specific needs during the consultation, and he'll tailor a strategy and solution that aligns with your goals.

Yes, Ande Aditya's services cater to a wide spectrum of businesses. Whether you're a startup seeking guidance or an established company aiming for growth, his insights can be tailored to your unique requirements.

Ande Aditya is committed to continuous learning. He engages in ongoing research, attends industry events, and leverages his extensive network to stay current with evolving trends and best practices. Learn More

The first 30-minute consultation with Ande Aditya is completely free. For detailed project discussions or ongoing services, a fee structure will be discussed and agreed upon based on your specific needs.

Yes, Ande is available for speaking engagements and workshops. If you're interested in having him share his insights and expertise with your audience, please contact us for more details.

A virtual Director is a senior, experienced person who works for you part-time and owns up all the responsibilities by advising in areas of business development and operations. He, not only advises you but takes all onus to execute as well on your behalf as a senior management staff, proving solid support to the board of directors. He represents you in all spheres of the business and works part-time at an affordable fee. Whether you are building capacity or business or building your board, Virtual Director is there to help you make smart decisions through consulting services that include strategic planning and training in Board Development, Fundraising, Marketing and Leadership Essentials.

He has established over 40 companies encompassing 15+ diverse industries across 6 countries in ASEAN. Ande with his self driven, dedicated team and infrastructure in Thailand, identifies new business opportunities and maintains excellent client relationships – Advising and working on your vision to achieve your goal.he is often hired by companies to provide active leadership not only in Thailand but also in the region. With his self driven, dedicated team and infrastructure in Thailand, he identifies new business opportunities and maintains excellent client relationships – Advising and working on your vision to achieve your goal. 

Andy is an accomplished executive with high-caliber general management skills, with hands-on experience in each core business functions like strategic planning & operations, sales & marketing, international business & sourcing, product development & branding, financial & employee management. It depends on you how to utilize his skills to best utilize in your business through interim management services

Any has a full fledged team and requisite infrastructural support for all his clients, when needed. Depending on the requirement of the client, Andy decides whether he need support from his team or not. However, once you hire him, then all the responsibility and ownership of all processes remain with him. His team is adept to provide a one stop solution for all business startup and expansion requirements : Startup Consulting | Market Entry |Due Dilligence | Legal | Serviced Office | Factory Setup | Representation | Recruitment | Accounting | Operations | Buying & Sourcing | Product Distribution | Marketing | Corporate Events | Regional Business Development | Management

Andy works with his customers on long term agreements which is mutually beneficial for both parties with comfortable exit clauses, whenever needed. Typically, his initial contracts for Virtual Director Services are for 3 years with options to renew further. However, the contract offers the flexibility of termination by either parties at any point of time, providing 2 months notice. So basically, the customer has always an option to terminate the contract anytime.  

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