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For Startup Businesses: How to Survive in the Digital Age

For Startup Businesses: How to Survive in the Digital Age

There’s no denying that the rise of technology has paved the way for various innovations, dominating people’s lives and a growing necessity for businesses – it has changed the way people look at and do everything. As time passes, the business world is becoming more technological. Gone are the days when it’s all about traditional media, papers, and fax machines; now it’s all about technology and social media. With the digital age, more and more businesses, especially startup businesses in Thailand, are increasingly leveraging the benefits of digital tools to improve their prospects.

The market is constantly changing, customers are increasingly harder to please, and with the abundance of digital tools available, there’s no wonder why many entrepreneurs find it overwhelming to shift their business direction to digital platforms. Startup entrepreneurs should know that setting up a business in Thailand a risk in itself; thus they have to learn about taking calculated risks to succeed. The ability to adapt to change is the key management skill that needs to be embraced before anything else while keeping the team up-to-date with the newest technology and workflows. Without the ability to adjust to these innovations, business startups are at high risk of getting left behind, following the steps of their flexible and innovative competitors.

Keep in mind that stagnation in the business industry is a dangerous factor since many competitors aim to succeed by utilizing unconventional tactic that propels them forward. However, if only entrepreneurs, especially those who are starting a company in Thailand, will embrace change and take advantage of the expertise of business startup specialists in Thailandthey will not only survive but also thrive in the digital age. Here’s how:

Consistency in Customer Service

There will always be a great impact when entrepreneurs can support all the ways their potential customers transact, interact, and communicate in today’s digital world. If they want to give their clients a superior customer experience, then they need to focus on consistency since it mostly comes down to expectations. Keep in mind that inconsistency in their experiences is a turnoff and will most likely walk away having negative feelings about the brand. However, allowing customers to have an unforgettable experience with the brand can aid in customer satisfaction and quality, thus leading to happier customers.

A User-Friendly Website

Having a website is no longer optional for businesses – it is one of the simplest and most effective ways to connect with existing clients and to attract potential customers. A company with a website is viewed as legitimate since it has a medium to impart news, information, and alternative communication channels to customers. However, a website that isn’t user-friendly just won’t cut it anymore. People won’t recommend a business if their website is poorly designed or unresponsive. When entrepreneurs have a beautiful and simple website, it can help their business stay open 24/7, virtually at least. Also, entrepreneurs don’t have to worry if they are not tech-savvy since there are online tools that can help them create a clean, mobile-optimized site or even hire virtual startup specialists, especially when learning about starting a business in the digital age.

Social Media Management

When it comes to opening a business in Thailand, or any business really, it’s better to have a few methods for communicating with a customer. Not only do entrepreneurs need a website for their startup, but a presence on all major social media channels is also highly recommended. That means entrepreneurs should also think about content publishing, engaging with other social media users, and responding to customers’ questions and feedback. Participating in any online platforms shows that a company is committed to meeting its clients’ needs. Moreover, the advantages of social media platforms allow businesses to engage with their customers promptly. Entrepreneurs don’t have to be on every platform, but it’s helpful to have a few active accounts where they know their customers can be found.

Data-Driven Marketing

Nowadays, entrepreneurs have no excuse for not knowing what their customers want since there are a wide variety of tools that enable them to capture a range of data at particular stages in their marketing campaigns. To know the target users’ behavior, goals, pain points, and challenges, entrepreneurs should develop sales and marketing campaigns that will cater to their specific needs – that means marketing needs to be data-driven to be effective. Entrepreneurs can collect as much information about their target market such as their clients’ online purchase behavior to help them focus on their marketing efforts on what works and whatnot. The data gathered will be a big help in having a successful marketing strategy.

A Connect With Other Local Businesses

Competition in the business industry is a healthy way to improve sales but sometimes, it doesn’t always the case. When startup entrepreneurs are still trying to gain an edge against well-established businesses with plenty of resources, they need all the connections they can get – it is the key activity that entrepreneurs can benefit. One way to boost their brand is to network with other local businesses or hire a business consultant to get started. Entrepreneurs should keep in mind that the broader their network is, the better. Networking is a valuable tool to give business startups the most opportunities to thrive in the industry.

Interactive Marketing

In today’s world of modern technology, it is more convenient for consumers to engage in a product or service without leaving the comforts of their homes. Thus, taking advantage of interactive marketing is highly recommended. It is a type of advertising that includes several strategies such as responding to customers’ actions on time. When entrepreneurs use this strategy, they need to spend time understanding their market, its wants, and needs, as well as what actions can lead to results, which can make their consumers feel like they’re heard, understood, and receiving personal service. Also, many product and service providers are finding that interactive marketing online is cost-effective and provides several advantages.

Bottom Line

Startup businesses are known to be the backbone of the economy, yet many of them don’t have the right approach to be competitive online. Some of them even think that the best strategy is simply to wait for customers to show up. Since they are startup businesses, they may think they only need a small number of customers. 

Entrepreneurs should know that this kind of mindset will surely put them at risk. It is never guaranteed that businesses will attract customers just by existing and even if it does, it may not attract as many customers as it needs to make the business profitable. If a potential customer can’t find a particular brand online, they may think that the business doesn’t exist, and there is a higher chance that a lot of them may decide not to engage with the brand seriously and head somewhere else.

Compared to traditional advertising, digital marketing is cost-effective while reaching a wider audience. Entrepreneurs who utilize digital marketing to promote their businesses have a much better chance of business success since it allows them to engage with their prospects. Keep in mind that that digital marketing is not a passing trend. It’s here to stay and is the way to go. If a business wants to survive in the digital age, apart from hiring a skilled and experienced business startup advisor, it has to remain relevant and must reach new heights. 



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