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Exploring the Future in Khon Kaen, Thailand: A Glimpse into Innovation and Vision

Ande Aditya Dives into the Technological Marvels of Khon Kaen!

23-24th Nov, 2023

Embarking on a recent journey to Khon Kaen, Thailand, was an absolute eye-opener! Invited by the Thailand Board of Investments for the NeEC Business Forum, the mission was clear – to witness and contribute to the technological and infrastructural revolution taking place in the North East. 

BOI Collaboration and Stimulating Growth 

The trip commenced with a dynamic collaboration between BOI Khon Kaen Region 3, Glowfish, and the Khon Kaen Chamber of Commerce. Our shared objective? To connect businesses, stimulate growth, and unveil the immense potential of the region. The Site Visit at Khon Kaen University’s Wellness & Preventive Medical sector provided an in-depth look into groundbreaking developments that are reshaping the healthcare landscape. 

Innovation Hub at North Eastern Science Park

The North Eastern Science Park, in collaboration with Khon Kaen University, stands as a testament to innovation. The intricate world of Phenomics, a cutting-edge field exploring the physical and biochemical traits of organisms, is being unraveled. Cellular Therapy, a revolutionary approach in treating diseases using the body’s own cells, is making waves. In the realm of Cancer Immunology, the study of the immune system’s response to cancer is advancing with remarkable strides. Witnessing this dedication to research and development was not just inspiring; it was a glimpse into the future of healthcare! 

A Glimpse into Innovation and Vision

Key Meetings and Visionary Insights

Engaging with influential figures, including the Governor of the region and the President of the Thai Chamber of Commerce, provided a firsthand understanding of their vision to transform Khon Kaen into a technological powerhouse. Their passion for advancements in Phenomics, Cellular Therapy, and Cancer Immunology was palpable, reinforcing the region’s commitment to pioneering research. 

Khon Kaen

Future Collaborations and Investment Attraction

Excited about potential collaborations, my focus now shifts to working closely with this outstanding team. Beyond Phenomics, Cellular Therapy, and Cancer Immunology, Khon Kaen boasts a robust ecosystem with adequate infrastructure, cutting-edge technology, and, most importantly, a workforce that is both dedicated and productive. Together, we aim to attract foreign investments, fostering a landscape where innovation thrives! 

BOI Collaboration and Stimulating Growth

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