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Strolling the paths of St Moritz and exploring the city in it’s best form, I was delightfully confronted by a greenish, blue lake….. frozen. It was minus 7 Degrees centigrade, chilly winds piercing my face. I was all alone standing in front of the lake ….mesmerized by this alluring beauty of half frozen lake….a sight totally unexpected, exceeding all my prior expectations.

Experiencing total solitude in front of the lake, it felt as if I am standing in front of a wonderful canvas, painted by the hands of God.

Exploring the dreamy, misty surroundings of the entire upper Engadin region based out of St Moritz was an excellent idea as it is supposedly the nicest place in that region. Following the Bernina express trail, by car, my amazing journey of sheer visual delight started from St Moritz through Bernina Pass to Poschiavo and all the way to Tirano and Lake Bianco, where the Italian border separates Switzerland with Italy.

I passed the small yet picturesque cities of Sils and Silvaplana, amidst the two frozen lakes, where hundreds of people assemble during the winter months, to run marathon.

While driving through the Bernina Pass, the highest pass in Europe, I realized why it is considered to be one of the best scenic routes of Europe.

As I drove around the winding roads with each bend, the scenery looked more precious and enthralling than before. I was left amazed at the wonder’s of nature and gaped at the white magical beauty of the encircled mountains. Often, I got down from the car and be immersed in the tranquility around. The road continued through the plateau via Samedan and Celerina, and crossed the point from where the cableway goes up to Muottas Muragi. With the desolate landscape of ice-worn rocks commonly found on the high passes and with the beautiful views on both sides, I carried on driving as the road went up and down with several hair pen bends on the way and with magnificent views down into the valley, into the Val Agoné, the highest part of the 34km long Poschiavo valley. The nearer we drove towards the Italian border in Bernina, the density of the snow increased. On the way, I stopped at the Diavolezza Nordic Park where skiers collate to enjoy the sheer pleasure of riding the massive Alps range.

Finally, I reached Lake Bianco at the Italian border. It was completely frozen. Feasting my eyes on the eternal beauty of Alps, I could feel the gusty cold wind and slight drizzle, with temperatures being less than 4 degrees centigrade, it was becoming difficult to be in the open for too long. The surroundings were enticing and serenity prevailed all around. It was after a while, sudden snow fall, compelled me to scurry back to the car and drive home.

Snow clad mountains, frozen lakes, incessant brooks that were found en route made my drive, a memorable one.

——- Ande Aditya

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