Ande Aditya

A multi-tasking individual for Business Development, Representation and Operations
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A multi-tasking individual for Business Development, Representation and Operations
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Driving international growth to improve brand, metrics and revenue
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For any company, doing business in Thailand has its own set of challenges primarily related to accessing relevant market information, dealing with language and cultural barriers, handling red-tape bureaucracy, and retaining local talent.

Therefore, it is often essential for businesses operating in Thailand to leverage local leadership talent having the required experience, skills, and expertise to deal with such business contingencies successfully and ignite business growth.

Ande is a Thailand business expert, having his infrastructure and a competent team to assist his clients with their operations in Thailand.

He represents his clients by heading their operations in Thailand and providing one-stop solutions for all their requirements.


Once appointed as a Virtual Director, Ande assists his clients to acquire and build relationships with new customers. He builds trust with existing clients by mitigating potential issues.

In a Regional or Global role, Ande is responsible for business development for his clients and jointly develops effective go-to-market strategies and business expansion plans.

Amongst other roles, he represents the company in local events or meetings, assists in vendor selection and negotiation, develops a strategy for business growth, manages projects, facilitates alliances and joint ventures.

Ande's appointment is very relevant and crucial when a company does not have a branch in Asia but needs an experienced individual to manage its business, customers, and suppliers in the Asia Pacific region.


Most small business owners have dissatisfaction in how their business in operating and always feel the need to do something more. It could be sometime they are clueless about their sudden dip in ROI, or it may be keeping up to speed with latest technology or maybe lost in finding solutions for a turnaround.

Need not worry - Ande Aditya is there to ease it out and handhold you to recover.

Ande provides health checks for your overall business and doctors a remedial process for rejuvenating it. He assists business owners to see the big picture by attending to minute details and highlighting aptly what is needed for improvement.

A holistic approach for business enhancement that improves your brand, metrics and revenue - ‘Just As You Need’.

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